Feuerstein on Autism

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Believing in every child’s ability to improve their cognitive functioning, the Feuerstein Institute has mapped out treatment protocols and developed remediation tools to correct cognitive deficits that tend to present in various types of autism. To date, Feuerstein’s methodology has helped thousands of clients to overcome the perceived limitations.

For decades, the clinical professionals at the Feuerstein Institute have worked with children and adults across a wide range of Autism Spectrum Disorders, helping them to improve their cognitive ability and overall level of function. Join the Feuerstein Academy Online for a very special seminar taught by our leading clinical practitioners as they reveal their best practices and tips for working learners on the spectrum. This three-day workshop is intended for professionals (teachers, psychologists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and so forth)  though parents and caregivers will also benefit greatly from the information presented in the sessions.

Seminar Topics:
  • The theoretical basis of the Feuerstein approach to ASD
  • The cognitive dynamic assessment (LPAD) of children and adults with ASD
  • The structure of teamwork in treating individuals with ASD
  • Speech therapy with children with ASD
  • Mediation of writing skills to children with ASD
  • Cognitive ASD therapy through the motor modality
  • Cognitive intervention via Instrumental Enrichment programs for children with ASD
Cancellation & Refund Policy:

The Feuerstein Institute reserves the right to cancel any courses which fail to meet the minimum participation requirement. Fees for courses cancelled by the Institute will be refunded in full. In cases where the participants cancel, there is a €100 processing charge for reimbursement of workshop fees for cancellations made before the registration deadline. There are no refunds for cancellations after the registration deadline.