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Educational Services

The Feuerstein Institute operates globally to introduce the Feuerstein Method in various settings such as classrooms, schools, and universities. By utilizing Feuerstein’s dynamic assessment and cognitive intervention, we offer practical solutions to enhance test scores, address behavioral concerns, and mitigate dropout rates. The Feuerstein Method is also utilized in the private and public sectors to identify the most capable candidates for job vacancies and to promote and retrain current employees to adapt to new technological advancements.

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The Benefits of Feuerstein

Discover how Feuerstein’s educational solutions can benefit your students.

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Thinking and Learning Strategies

Enhance learning using our proven methodology.

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Assessment and Screening

Identifying potential for success.

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Dropout Prevention

Reducing dropout by developing students’ confidence and motivation.

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Feuerstein in the Digital Age

Assessment and intervention powered by AI.

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Training Courses for Educators

Join us for a course and transform the way you think about education.

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