Welcome to the Feuerstein Institute, home of the International Academy for Learning. We aim to help you unlock your full potential using the Feuerstein Method. This unique educational approach equips individuals with the essential skill of learning how to learn with clarity and structure.

Feuerstein in Education

Discover your students’ potential with the Feuerstein Method. Our approach is designed to help overcome achievement gaps and behavioral challenges and prevent dropout by improving concept formation, motivation, and cognitive efficiency.

Feuerstein in Therapy

The Feuerstein Method can help overcome learning difficulties, rehabilitate TBI and stroke patients, and prevent cognitive decline while enhancing memory. It’s a powerful tool that can improve your clients’ and loved ones’ lives.

Feuerstein Global

The Feuerstein Method is used in over fifty countries worldwide, including Chile, Italy, and Singapore. It is used by educational systems, in therapeutic settings, by parents and individuals, and by government and private sector entities.

Rabbi Dr. Refael Feuerstein

President and CEO, The Feuerstein Institute

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Rabbi Dr. Rafi
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