Our Courses & Seminars

The Feuerstein Institute offers more than dozen courses and seminars in dynamic assessment, cognitive intervention, and related topics. Whether you are an educator, psychologist, therapist, specialist, tutor, caregiver, or parent, Feuerstein has a course or seminar for you!

Feuerstein’s courses are available online and in-person. To learn more about subjects and topics we teach, please use the directory below.

Dynamic Assessment (LPAD)

LPAD is a dynamic cognitive assessment that is used to determine how an individual thinks and learns. It uses a test-mediate-retest model to demonstrate an individual’s ability to understand and use new knowledge – to learn.

Courses offered:

LPAD Basic
LPAD for Secondary School Age Students
LPAD for Primary School Age Students
Digital LPAD
LPAD Report Writing Seminar
LPAD Digital 24 for Mediators

Cognitive Enrichment (FIE)

FIE Standard is a cognitive intervention programs that are used to help children, adolescents, teens, and adults enhance their learning abilities and improve how they learn.

Courses offered:

FIE Standard 1 of 3
FIE Standard 2 of 3
FIE Standard 3 of 3
Thinking Mathematically
FIE Standard Intensive Mediation Seminar
FIE-1 Digital

STEM Education (FIE STEM)

FIE STEM prepares teachers to intentionally and explicitly mediate learning skills in a systematic way, helping students to improve their mental flexibility and critical thinking by focusing on different STEM based dispositions.

Courses offered:

Categorical Thinking
Relational Reasoning
Spatial-Visual Thinking
Effective Communication

Early Childhood Development (FIE Basic)

FIE Basic focuses on providing a foundation for learning by developing general concepts, emerging cognitive functions (such as self-regulation, generalization and conceptualization) and internal motivation.

Courses offered:

FIE Basic 1
FIE Basic 2
FIE Basic Intensive Mediation Seminar

Tactile Learning

FIE Tactile is an innovative learning intervention that uses touch and movement in order to enable learners with ADHD and visually impaired learners to develop critical thinking skills.

Courses offered:

FIE Tactile

Trainers Courses

FIE Trainers Courses are intended for those who have completed their study of FIE, and want to be able to teach the Feuerstein Method to others in their area.

Courses offered:

FIE Standard Trainers 1
FIE Standard Trainers 2
Trainers Basic 1
Trainers Basic 2
Tactile Trainers
Renewal Seminar
FIE Digital for Trainers


The Feuerstein Method and its principles have helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve the way they learn, and by doing so, optimize their human potential. Whether you are ready to dive deeper into treatment options, or are looking for something new related to Feuerstein’s work, we have the seminar for you!

Seminars offered:

Feuerstein on Autism
Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Therapeutic Mediation
Emotional Social Intelligence
Feuerstein in Action: Educational Track
Feuerstein in Action: Clinical Track
Cognitive Math & Math Test Building
FIE for Learners with ADHD