Assessment and Screening

Identifying potential for success.

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Identifying potential.

In our constantly changing world, potential has surpassed knowledge and experience as a valuable asset. The Feuerstein Institute has the solution for finding individuals with the potential to excel in their studies and careers by assessing their ability to manage and utilize information through different cognitive exercises.

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How it Works

The process.

Assessments and screenings begin with the LPAD dynamic assessment, which assesses a candidate’s cognitive processing by identifying their intellectual strengths and weaknesses. As learning is an integral part of the examination process, the LPAD has proven most effective at deciphering how candidates learn and their potential for further growth.

A personal interview with the candidate is usually conducted during the assessment process to ensure their aspirations match their demonstrated skills. Additionally, specific projects may entail using Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment to enhance the candidate’s thinking and learning strategies.

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Types of


University entrance


Science education courses

High-Tech sector


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