Required Reading

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The Feuerstein Method is grounded on Feuerstein’s Structural Cognitive Modifiability (SCM) theory. This theory suggests that learners require a thorough approach to make significant progress, which includes adjusting their learning methods, processing information, and engaging with it. Feuerstein refers to this approach as the Mediated Learning Experience (MLE), which is supported by two learning systems: the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD) and Instrumental Enrichment (IE). These systems collaborate to assess, intervene, and improve the learner’s skills.



The LPAD is a comprehensive and dynamic assessment that determines an individual’s learning potential and inclination. It helps to identify which cognitive functions require development to unlock and enhance their hidden learning ability.



The FIE cognitive intervention program aims to improve cognitive skills by providing a variety of tasks that can be taught in different settings like classrooms, after-school programs, or clinical therapy sessions. The program teaches critical cognitive abilities like information gathering and utilization, strategic thinking, problem-solving, and learning.