STEM Education (FIE STEM)

“To change means to progress on a current path, while to modify means to shift to a new way.” ~ Reuven Feuerstein

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Critical brain-based skills needed for success.

In today’s complex world, STEM education is essential for students to develop the skills necessary to tackle technological challenges and foster creativity. For FIE STEM lesson plans to be effective, they should include fundamental brain-based proficiencies for success. Feuerstein developed the FIE STEM program to address this need.

FIE STEM focuses on:

Spatial-Visual Thinking

Relational Reasoning

Categorical Thinking

Effective communication

While providing the benefits of the FIE Standard programs, such as promoting active learning, intrinsic motivation, cognitive efficiency, and insightful reasoning.

how it works

How it works

The FIE STEM program prepares educators to mediate critical learning skills systematically and intentionally. Organized into four modules, each focusing on a particular learning disposition, the program consists of progressively challenging tasks designed to help students improve their mental flexibility and critical thinking. The four modules are Spatial-Visual ThinkingRelational ReasoningCategorical Thinking, and Effective Communication.

Like the FIE Standard series, STEM Mediators will generally examine the page with the learners and discuss its unique or novel qualities before completing the tasks. Depending on the learner’s progress, the mediators may work closely with the learner or allow them the space they need to complete the tasks before reviewing the answers and relevant information.

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