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Feuerstein Around the World

Feuerstein Institute pioneers global programs, collaborates with schools, advocating transformation in over 35 countries worldwide.

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Our Global Work in Schools

The Feuerstein Institute operates globally, pioneering treatment paradigms and implementing programs across Israel and abroad. We welcome collaboration with schools worldwide, offering dynamic assessment and cognitive intervention programs to enhance academic performance, address behavioral challenges, and reduce dropout rates. Contact us today to learn more about ongoing projects and consultations, and discover how the Feuerstein Method can transform education and workforce development in your institution.

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Feuerstein in Academia

Helping young adults from the socioeconomic periphery attain their goals in academia.

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Empowering Roma Education in Slovakia

Impacting teachers and students for positive change.

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School Principals Accelerator Program

Empowering school principals to help their schools fulfill their potential.

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Improving Dropout Prevention in Taunton

A psychologist in Taunton, Massachusetts spearheads innovative educational initiative.

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Language Arts Program

Assisting immigrants in overcoming language barriers that hinder integration into society.

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Gifted Underachievers in Northern Ireland

Feuerstein approach boosts academic success in Northern Ireland

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Hura Bedouin Settlement

Sixth-Grade Students lead inspirational enrichment program for second graders.

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Feuerstein in STEM

Unleashing the power of STEM cognitive enrichment with Feuerstein’s approach.

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Texans Can Academies

Charter high school district achieves academic improvements through focused instruction and feedback loop



English Teacher, ORT Arabic School in Ramle

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