Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The Feuerstein Method strives for the highest level of professionalism and continuously adapts to remain dynamic.

Dynamic learning assessments

To keep your certification(s) valid, every graduate of our program from July 1, 2012, is required to:

  • Report at least 30 hours of work with each module (IE-1, IE-2, IE Basic-1, IE Basic-2, etc.) of the Feuerstein Method that you received certification in.
  • Take eight credits in coursework over a period of four years. The courses can be taken here – online, and at your convenience. Alternatively, CPD credits can be received by taking additional Feuerstein courses or Live CPD seminars at your local Feuerstein training center.

Please Note: We will constantly be adding new courses and encourage you to check in with us frequently. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to contact us with comments and suggestions.

We offer implementation forms in multiple languages.

Each graduate of Feuerstein courses (FIE Standard, FIE Basic, FIE Tactile) who implemented the FIE program for at least 30 hours should file an FIE implementation report using the online filing system. These are available in one of the following languages: