The Children’s Clinic

Helping children, adolescents, teens, and young adults overcome difficulties preventing learning.

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Families come from all over the world to experience Feuerstein’s innovative and life-changing therapies.

Located in Jerusalem, the Children’s Clinic helps children, teenagers, and young adults to overcome barriers that impede their learning abilities. Through rigorous and comprehensive treatment incorporating Feuerstein’s principles, evaluation tools, and therapeutic methods, we strive to help them integrate seamlessly into mainstream educational and social environments.

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What we do.

Our clinic supports clients in overcoming learning challenges through various services, such as assessments, therapy, and educational resources. Our multi-lingual team comprises professionals from different fields, including psychologists, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, and teachers specializing in Feuerstein’s methodology. We are committed to providing a multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients succeed.

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How we can help.

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Autistic Spectrum and Down syndrome Evaluation and Treatment Program

Autistic Spectrum and Down Syndrome Evaluation and Treatment Program

The Feuerstein Institute has been at the forefront of Autistic Spectrum and Down’s syndrome advocacy for decades. Believing in their inherent abilities, Feuerstein has mapped out the specific functioning typical to the autistic and Down syndrome populations and developed evaluation and remedial tools to maximize their capabilities.

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In depth Early Childhood Assessment

In-depth Early Childhood Assessment

Each child has distinct qualities and requirements, especially regarding their education and personal growth. Our Early Assessment team evaluates infants and young children with genetic syndromes and cognitive disabilities, allowing for an early start for vital intervention.

Intensive Treatment Program

Intensive Treatment Program

Our Intensive Treatment program is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of children, including those with learning disabilities and multiple syndromes. We aim to create a personalized program that unlocks each child’s full potential and improves overall functioning. We strive to mainstream these children into regular schools whenever possible.

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Consultancy and Counseling

Consultancy and Counseling

The Children’s Clinic offers parent education courses in basic theory and practice of mediation, individual counseling, and tips to promote maximal independence and well-being of children with cognitive or learning difficulties.