Dropout Prevention

Reducing dropout by developing students’ confidence and motivation.

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How it works

A significant problem that schools in disadvantaged and underdeveloped regions face is the rising number of students dropping out of educational programs. Students who struggle to perform academically in these areas often need more assistance than their peers from more affluent backgrounds. Without parental involvement, academic enrichment, and tutoring, these students may feel disheartened by their academic setbacks and disinterested in learning, ultimately resulting in them leaving school.

The Feuerstein Method focuses on teaching students how to learn in a non-curricular manner. Each Feuerstein Instrument imparts learning and thinking skills unrelated to specific subjects. With this approach, students who may have struggled in the past can excel in Instrumental Enrichment and gain confidence, self-satisfaction, and motivation.

raining people
raining people


Brian Townsend

Teacher, Austin Can Academies

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