Cognitive Intervention (FIE)

“The secret for success is not teaching content, but imparting learning and thinking strategies.” ~ Reuven Feuerstein

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Enhance thinking skills.

Feuerstein’s Instrument Enrichment (FIE) is a process-oriented cognitive intervention program. Consisting of a specially designed series of tasks or “tools,” FIE may be taught in a classroom, group, or individual setting. Each series focuses on a different cognitive skill, creating systematic, persistent, and structured conditions to engage students in problem-solving by developing their ability to understand and expound upon the information.

FIE promotes and enhances:

Active learning attitude

Intrinsic motivation

Cognitive efficiency

Concept formation

Insightful reasoning

FIE’s numerous benefits also help significantly lower dropout rates for at-risk students.

how it works

How it works

Each FIE tool consists of pages of tasks the learner must complete. The series focuses on different cognitive skills, such as organization, orientation, comparisons, classifications, and so forth, and becomes increasingly more difficult as the series progress.

The series may be mediated in different ways, depending on the learner’s needs or group of learners. Mediators will generally examine the page with the learners and discuss its unique or novel qualities before trying to complete the tasks. Depending on the learner’s progress, the mediators may work closely with the learner or allow them the space they need to complete the tasks before reviewing the answers and relevant information.

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