Educ Feuerstein

Feuerstein Educational Academy

The Feuerstein Academy is the training arm of the Feuerstein Institute. We offer courses on all aspects of Feuerstein training through the academy, including Instrumental Enrichment, Dynamic Assessment, and the Tactile program, as well as seminars on related topics and theories.


Who can the method help?

The Feuerstein method helps people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of ability improve their learning abilities. It is effective for children, adolescents, teens, and adults.

Who studies the method?

Educators, tutors, coaches, and parents use the Feuerstein Method to enhance cognition and learning. HR and training professionals also utilize it to evaluate potential new hires and identify employees for promotion and retraining.


How is it used in educational settings?

When used in educational settings, the Feuerstein method assesses learners’ cognitive strengths and weaknesses, creates customized curricula, and offers support to enhance cognitive abilities and meet objectives. It may be used individually or in groups.


How is it used in professional settings?

Private companies and government organizations use the Feuerstein dynamic assessment to identify the best candidates for vacant positions. It is also combined with the FIE cognitive intervention program for identifying potential among employees and enhancing their cognitive skills.

work process

How does the process work?

The Feuerstein Method involves identifying, analyzing, and remediating needs through a global intervention approach. Learners systematically change how they are taught, process, and interact with information across all aspects of their being.