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Professor Reuven Feuerstein

Professor Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014) founded the Feuerstein Institute and served as its Chairman until his passing in 2014.

  • 1940-1942
  • 1944
  • 1945
  • 1950-1954
  • 1955-1983
  • 1983-1989


He began his academic career studying education at the Teachers College of Bucharest before shifting his focus to psychology at Onesco College in Bucharest in 1942.


Simultaneously, Feuerstein worked as a teacher and then principal at a school for children with disabilities. Feuerstein’s studies were interrupted in 1944 when the Nazis invaded Romania and Feuerstein emigrated to Mandate Palestine (modern-day Israel).


After a year at the Teachers Seminar of Jerusalem, Feuerstein began working as a special education teacher and youth counselor at the Youth Aliyah Villages. While serving in this position, Feuerstein came to understand and study the varied and complex psychological and educational needs of immigrants, refugees, and other disadvantaged groups.


Feuerstein resumed his academic studies in 1950, pursuing a degree in general and clinical psychology at the University of Geneva in Switzerland. During this time, he also served as the Director of Psychological Services for the Youth Aliyah agency in Europe.


Feuerstein then returned to Israel, where he was appointed the Director of the Children’s Clinic for Instruction and Development at Aliyat HaNoar. During this period, Feuerstein also earned his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the Sorbonne University in Paris (1970) and established the Hadassah WIZO Research Institution in Jerusalem, which engaged in research and development of intervention plans for the advancement of disadvantaged groups.


Feuerstein taught and guest lectured at several universities around the world, including Bar Ilan University in Israel and Yale University in the United States. Feuerstein was a member of several academic committees relating to cognitive development, education, autism and more.
In 1989, Feuerstein established the ‘International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential’ – known today as the Feuerstein Institute.

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A Man and Psychologist Ahead of His Time

A Man and Psychologist Ahead of His Time.

During his studies at the University of Geneva, Professor Feuerstein formulated his theories on structural cognitive modifiability and mediated learning. His work with immigrants, refugees, and people with disabilities reinforced his belief that traditional IQ tests are inaccurate indicators of intelligence and success. Recognizing that individuals have unique learning styles, Feuerstein created his evaluation methods and teaching techniques to identify potential and foster new approaches to learning.

From the 1970s until his passing in 2014
From the 1970s until his passing in 2014

From the 1970s until his passing in 2014.

Through his methodology, Feuerstein developed many applications that aimed to integrate and improve the lives of disadvantaged groups. He has given hundreds of thousands of people hope by allowing them to create significant, life-altering change by improving their functional abilities and learning aptitude.

Professor Reuven Feuerstein was widely recognized and awarded for his pioneering contributions toward unlocking human potential. His remarkable achievements earned him numerous accolades, including the prestigious Israel Prize in Education in 1992, a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2012, and the President’s Medal posthumously in 2014.

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