Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center

Helping clients with acquired brain injuries improve their cognition and functional abilities.

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Reclaim your purpose and passions.

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Center specializes in aiding individuals with brain injuries to enhance cognitive abilities and daily functioning skills post-acquired brain injury. Our holistic approach involves assessing emotional states, support systems, and mental and physical capacities. Personalized treatments, inspired by Feuerstein’s theories, aim to restore clients to their fullest potential. With centers in Jerusalem, Rishon LeZion, and Kfar Saba, we cater to diverse audiences.

What we do.

Our center provides comprehensive rehabilitation programs for individuals recovering from Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) or facing difficulties with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI). Our experts include Feuerstein cognitive enrichment teachers, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and neuropsychologists who specialize in their respective fields and use the Feuerstein Method. They offer assessment, treatment, and guidance for families.

Areas of Therapeutic Focus

Instrumental Enrichment

Speech and Language Pathology

Occupational Therapy

Reading and Writing

Cognition and Memory

Family Guidance

How we can help.

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TBI Assessment

Every person is unique, and so are his or her personal rehabilitation needs. The BIRC assessment team evaluates teens and adults who have sustained brain injury, identifying their cognitive and functional strengths and weaknesses in order to create a tailored treatment regimen designed to restore the clients to their lives, families and passions.

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Intensive Treatment Program

The Intensive Treatment Program is intended for clients on the wide spectrum of acquired brain injuries. This includes individuals suffering from the residual effects of post-concussion syndrome, memory and attention deficit, and those recovering from severe brain injuries resulting in larger cognitive, functional and emotional difficulties.

The BIRC’s goal is to create an individually tailored treatment programs for each client, focused on developing their latent potential and raising their overall level of function. Their rehabilitation regimen, based on the results of their assessment, is prepared by integrating Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment tools and requisite allied health therapies.

A Unique Center Based on a Unique Method

Head Injury Day Rehabilitation

The Feuerstein Institute’s Head Injury Day Rehabilitation centers are outpatient facilities that provide daily treatment for individuals who have suffered a traumatic head injury resulting from accidents, strokes, cancer, and more and are dealing with various levels of motor, verbal, emotional, and cognitive injuries. The Center’s patients come from all over Israel and are referred to Feuerstein by local welfare departments, which also fund the treatment. Sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, and Social Service, the centers have a unique status in the field of traumatic head injuries within Israel.

Clients at our centers engage in diverse activities targeting skills like planning, reading comprehension, and memory, both individually and in groups. Enrichment activities include workshops in art, carpentry, cooking, and rehabilitative yoga. Our team of professionals provides personalized support, including neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, and instructors, operating Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 to 14:15.