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Rehabilitation Overview

Welcome to the Rehabilitation Department, where we develop treatment paradigms and implement programs throughout Israel for worldwide reproduction, catering to individuals of all abilities. We invite you to contact us for more information regarding ongoing programs and consultations.

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The Memory Clinic

A program to enhance memory and slow-down cognitive decline.

Head Injury Day Rehabilitation

Daily outpatient programming for clients recovering from head injuries and associated motor, verbal, emotional, and cognitive difficulties.

Center for Enriched Living

Providing continuing education and personal empowerment for adults with complex cognitive challenges.

Ya’halom Training Unit

Providing academic and practical training in the food service industry for adults with disabilities.

Supported Employment Program

Assisting adults with mild cognitive difficulties in attaining and maintaining work in the free market.

Hazon Partnership Program

Helping differently-abled adults form lasting relationships and fulfilling marriages.

Residential Rehabilitation Center

Communal living for men and women, ages 22-55, with varying degrees of special needs.

The Feuerstein School

A warm and compassionate educational setting for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities of varying complexity.


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Laurent’s recovery has surpassed expectations. Today, he no longer requires therapy. He is happily married, has two beautiful children, and continues to run the cafe at the Feuerstein Institute. He makes an excellent cup of coffee!

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