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“Behavior is the result of both emotion and intelligence.” ~ Reuven Feuerstein

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The essential blueprint for early childhood.

Feuerstein’s Early Childhood Curriculum (FECC) provides young children with the foundational skills they need for their education, such as pre-reading and pre-mathematics while providing the tools required to become considerate friends and contributing members of society.

Our program is distinct in that it develops both children’s fundamental cognitive and learning skills and their emotional abilities. Thought-provoking and creative, Feuerstein’s Early Childhood Curriculum offers instruction in interpersonal topics such as:

Turn empathy into action

Learn how to prevent violence

Infer, act, and behave with thoughtful intelligence.

how it works

How it works

The FECC program helps children develop problem-solving skills by providing a structured and systematic approach to learning. Through this program, children learn to identify, isolate, and apply necessary concepts and cognitive behaviors, which in turn helps them improve their social-emotional reasoning and adaptive functions. Ultimately, the FECC program provides children with a solid foundation to become skillful and analytical learners.

The program may be used in classrooms, in groups, and individually. Each series focuses on strategies to improve the child’s basic concepts, self-regulation, generalization, conceptualization, and intrinsic motivation. The tools include colorful illustrations reflecting the child’s world and challenging tasks encouraging them to correct illogical or incongruent narratives. The exercises are complex, pushing children to generate new solutions and ideas while experiencing further information.

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