Global Impact

The Feuerstein Method is implemented in various settings in more than fifty countries worldwide, including Australia, Brazil, Italy, Japan, and the United States of America. It is used by educational systems, in therapeutic settings, by parents and individuals, and by government and private sector entities.

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Feuerstein’s network of mediators.

The Feuerstein Institute has an extensive network of certified Feuerstein practitioners and mediators around the globe. Our mediators come from diverse personal and professional backgrounds, inluding education, academia, counseling, therapy, psychology, medicine, human resources, corrections, and more! They each bring their own knowledge and skills, making in possible to find seek out the right practitioner for each client’s needs.

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Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment

Join the global Feuerstein movement.

Are you ready to become a Feuerstein practitioner?

The Feuerstein Institute trains and certifies about four thousand people per annum, from all walks of life. Many practitioners come to us from the realms of education, counseling, therapeutic services, psychology, and medicine, looking to broaden their experience and add cognitive enhancement to their services. For others, Feuerstein can be an exciting new career path.

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Feuerstein in the workplace.

In today’s technologically advanced world, employers have come to value potential over experience.

The Feuerstein Institute has worked with clients in the public and private sector alike, helping to identify the qualified candidates and train them for positions in industries such as high tech, aviation, law enforcement, and much more.

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Feuerstein Dynamic Assessment

Bringing Feuerstein to those who need it most.

The Feuerstein Institute has partnered with agencies from around the world to bring the Feuerstein Method to populations in dire need, including orphans of the Rwandan genocide, victims of child trafficking, and children in some of the most impoverished communities of the world.


Prof. Alex Kozulin

Head of International Training and Research, The Feuerstein Institute

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Prof. Alex Kozulin
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