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Early Childhood Development (FIE Basic)

Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment Basic (FIE Basic) is a process-oriented cognitive intervention program, designed to provide young learners with the foundational skills necessary for efficient learning. Consisting of 11 specially designed instruments or ‘tools’ FIE Basic is a series of tasks and activities that may be mediated in a classroom, group, or individual setting. Each series focus on a different cognitive strategy, helping to develop the children’s general basic concepts, emerging cognitive functions (such as self-regulation, generalization, and conceptualization), and intrinsic motivation.

Several of the instruments feature colorful, cartoon-like illustrations that reflect a young child’s world. Some tasks evoke a child’s need to correct illogical or incongruent narratives. All of the instruments range in complexity, challenging children to experience new information and generate novel solutions and ideas.

How it works

FIE Basic is the essential blueprint for early childhood and elementary school education. Consisting of specially designed tasks, the FIE Basic program creates systematic, persistent, and structured conditions to engage children in problem-solving by developing their ability to understand and elaborate information. Children learn to identify, isolate, and practice the application of necessary concepts and efficient cognitive behaviors, facilitating the development of their social-emotional reasoning and adapting functions. The program provides them with a firm foundation to become skillful, analytic learners.

FIE Basic is distinct from other programs in that it develops both the child’s fundamental cognitive and learning skills as well as their social and emotional abilities. Thought-provoking and creative, FIE Basic offers instruction in interpersonal topics such as:

Turn empathy into constructive action

Learn how to prevent violence

Infer, act and behave with thoughtful intelligence

FIE Basic provides young children with the tools to help them to become considerate friends and contributing members of society.

Who it helps

The FIE Basic program has been successfully used in the following frameworks:

Enrichment programs for underachieving, neurotypical, and gifted children

Learning enhancement programs for immigrants and students from disadvantaged backgrounds

Remedial programs for neurodiverse children, and children with disabilities

Who may train to be an FIE Basic Mediator?

FIE is open to university students, educators, clinicians, professionals, and parents interested in cognitive intervention.