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Dynamic Assessment (LPAD)

Feuerstein’s Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD) is a dynamic cognitive assessment used to determine how an individual thinks and learns. Comprised of varied tasks, the LPAD uses a test – mediate – retest model that incorporates learning throughout the examination process in order to decipher the examinee’s cognitive functions. Learning is the most important part of the procedure, as the examinees’ growth is continually measured against their own previous performance.

How it works

During the administration of the LPAD, an examiner – called an assessor – presents the learner with various tasks to solve on their own. The assessor observes their progress, noting difficulties and errors. Next, the accessor mediates to the learner, asking questions and teaching different ways to solve the problem. Mediation may be as brief as five minutes or as long as an hour, depending on the learner’s degree of difficulty with the material. The learner is then retested as the assessor observes which methods the learner uses, and how much learning has been retained across new and more challenging tasks. This presents the accessor with a clear understanding of how the examinee thinks and learns, and the most effective way to teach them in order to tap into their latent learning potential. Thus, the LPAD differs from static assessments, such as IQ tests, in that the LPAD seeks to understand an individual’s learning process, rather than measure their current knowledge against that of their peers.

Who may train to be an LPAD Assessor?

LPAD training is intended for psychologists, educational assessors, speech and occupational therapists, and other clinical professionals. The training process includes acquaintance with LPAD instruments, supervised assessment experience, and writing of reports.

Who may train to be an LPAD-Digital Assessor?

LPAD-D training is intended for anyone who wishes to be able to conduct a quick assessment of a child’s learning potential.  While helpful, no background in LPAD is required!

Course Descriptions

Learning Potential Assessment Device (LPAD-D24) Digital Workshop

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