The Feuerstein Method and its principles have helped hundreds of thousands of people to improve the way they learn, and by doing so, optimize their human potential.

Whether you are ready to dive deeper into treatment options, or are looking for something new related to Feuerstein’s work, we have the seminar for you!

FIE for Learners with ADHD

FIE for Learners with ADHD with Ruth Deutsch Content Overview: This workshop will cover the latest research and information on ADHD. Participants will review practical ways to mediate the FIE program for learners within this population. They will analyze knowledge of ADHD and how it affects their work. They will also explore how the Feuerstein…

FIE for Students with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics 

FIE for Students with Learning Difficulties in Mathematics with Meir Ben Hur This workshop is intended for all teachers who work with students who have learning difficulties /disabilities in mathematics. Prevision acquaintance with Level 1 Instrumental Enrichment program is desirable. The cognitive prerequisites of efficient problem solving, especially related to visual thinking and spatial orientation will…