Mediation & Conflict Resolution: Theory & Practicum

Upcoming Seminar(s)

June 30th, 2024

July 3rd, 2024

If you are a teacher, or a school master or a parent, dealing with conflicts between children or adults (colleagues,  teachers, parents of the students) is something you meet on daily basis. So, this course is for you. In this course you will get better understanding about the causes of the conflict, tools to better approach the conflict and the best ways to mediate to the people in conflict so they can both solve the conflict, take responsibility and mainly learn how to deal with further conflicts.  This course is giving a new perspective to the conflict mediation process. Through combining the mediation process, mediated learning experience (MLE) and other methods that allow the mediator to better understand the energetic dynamics of the field.


The course is constructed by 3 days of theoretical studies and 2 days of intensive practice. In this course we will be dealing with the following subjects:

  1. The mediated learning experience in the conflict mediation process for a deeper transformation.
  2. Conflicts and our automats in handling them
  3. Collaborative vs. competitive communication.
  4. Surrender-elaboration-sweetness model
  5. 7  elements model of fisher and Uri
  6. 7 stages of a mediation process
  7. Active and effective communication.
  8. Significate concepts to mediate throughout the conflict mediation process
  9. Creativity in the output phase
  10. Energetic field and the Human Design system as tools to be a better structural mediator in the conflict mediation process.

Learning Materials:

The participants will receive a set of printed presentations.


Course participants will be awarded a Certificate of Mediator of Conflict Resolution upon successful completion of the entire course requirements.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

Please note: The Feuerstein Institute reserves the right to cancel any course that has less than 10 participants registered. The final list of courses will be posted following the registration deadline of April 30, 2024.  Fees for courses canceled by the Institute will be refunded in full. In cases where the participants cancel, there is a €100 processing charge for reimbursement of workshop fees for cancellations made before the registration deadline. There are no refunds for cancellations after the registration deadline.

Full attendance of training activities is required. Evaluations will be carried out at the last session of the course on July 3 at 16:15.