Renewal Seminar for Instrumental Enrichment Trainers

Renewal Seminar for Instrumental Enrichment Trainers

June 30th, 2024

July 5th, 2024
Prague, Czech Republic


The seminar is intended for IE Standard trainers who received their Trainer-2 diploma in 2018 or earlier, though it is open for all graduates of Trainer-2 courses. Participation in this seminar fulfills one of the requirements of the IE trainers’ re-certification process. Candidates are expected to submit evidence of their IE Training experience in the form of an IE training report (to be obtained at Feuerstein Institute) before April 30, 2024.registration deadline. There are no refunds for cancellations after the registration deadline.

Course Syllabus:

  • Components of IE training and implementation
  • Didactics of MLE theory training
  • Didactics of IE tasks training
  • Didactics of IE lesson planning
  •  “Bridging” to different subject areas
  • Principles and techniques of coaching new IE teachers
  • Introduction to the LPAD Digital 24 system and its use in the IE classroom
  • Introduction to the Digital IE instruments and the didactics of training them
  • Training and supervision documentation and reporting

Participants will be required to make a presentation reflecting their IE training experience.

Learning Materials:

Course participants will receive a selection of IE tasks, access to Digital IE and LPAD Digital platforms, and IE Teaching Diagrams.

The participants are required to bring their own laptop computers for the experience with digital IE instruments (not tablets).

Course fee: 550 euro


Course participants will be awarded a Certificate of Instrumental Enrichment Trainer Renewal upon successful completion of the entire course requirements. The certificate is valid for six years from its issue date and serves as an IE Standard training license. Its renewal is dependent on a) submission of standard training reports (as specified by ATA agreement) or proper reporting of the courses taught by you in the annual report of the ATC (as stipulated in the ATC contract), b) Completion of a Trainer’s Renewal Course once every six years given in the annual Feuerstein Summer Workshops.

Trainers must either sign an agreement with the Feuerstein Institute establishing themselves as an ATA/ATC or be employed by an existing ATC. Trainers are forbidden from teaching the Feuerstein Method without having an existing contract in place.

Cancellation and Refund Policy:

Please note: The Feuerstein Institute reserves the right to cancel any course that has less than 10 participants registered. The final list of courses will be posted following the registration deadline of April 30, 2024.  Fees for courses canceled by the Institute will be refunded in full. In cases where the participants cancel, there is a €100 processing charge for reimbursement of workshop fees for cancellations made before the registration deadline. There are no refunds for cancellations after the registration deadline.