Hazon Partnership Program

Helping differently-abled adults form lasting relationships and fulfilling marriages.

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Marriage, supporting and supported.

The Hazon Partnership & Marriage Preparation Program (also called Hazon) was created by the Feuerstein Institute in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation to help differently-abled develop the necessary skills for long-term partnerships and marriage.

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The Program

The Hazon program helps high and medium-functioning adults with cognitive disabilities who are single, in a new couple, in a meaningful relationship, or married. The program operates in multiple stages based on individual development and progression as a unit. Participants receive social training and life skills instruction to manage a shared household and build a rich family life, with ongoing support from our staff and their families. The program is overseen by a cognitive enrichment specialist teacher and backed by a team of psychologists and social workers. Whenever necessary, we enlist the expertise of other specialists to ensure optimal results.

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Program Elements

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Autistic Spectrum and Down syndrome Evaluation and Treatment Program


  • Phase I (Friendship) – emphasizing listening, empathy, and communication.
  • Phase II (Dating) – meaning of dating, forming a partnership, and how to progress to a deeper relationship.
In depth Early Childhood Assessment


  • Phase III (Commitment) – focused on what it means to be in a committed relationship and problem-solving.
  • Phase IV (Engagement and Marriage) – understanding the roles of bride and groom, marriage, and how to run a household.
  • Phase V (Beyond) – counseling, support, and communal living.
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Intensive Treatment Program

Guardians Course

Family participation is vital to ensure the participant’s success. The Guardians Course focuses on the following:

  • Understanding the process of the program.
  • Assisting in dilemmas related to the participant’s progress or partnerships.
  • Become partners in your children’s partnership development.
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Consultancy and Counseling


Communication, cooperation, and support are critical elements of the program. Counseling is available to:

  • Course participants (individually and couples)
  • Families (individually, with the participants, with the partner’s family)