Head Injury Day Rehabilitation

Daily outpatient programming for clients recovering from head injuries and associated motor, verbal, emotional, and cognitive difficulties.

Outpatient daycare facility
Outpatient daycare facility mobile
A Unique Center Based on a Unique Method
A Unique Center Based on a Unique Method

Creating functional change through cognition.

The Feuerstein Institute’s Head Injury Day Rehabilitation centers are outpatient facilities that provide daily treatment for individuals who have suffered a traumatic head injury resulting from accidents, strokes, cancer, and more and are dealing with various levels of motor, verbal, emotional, and cognitive injuries. The Center’s patients come from all over Israel and are referred to Feuerstein by local welfare departments, which also fund the treatment. Sponsored by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Labor, and Social Service, the centers have a unique status in the field of traumatic head injuries within Israel.

Program Elements


Clients participate in various activities focused on improving specific skills related to planning, reading comprehension, instruction comprehension, memory, accountability, independence, interpersonal communication, and more.

Physical activities are also part of the treatment paradigm, including practical workshops in art, carpentry, cooking, and gardening.

Treatments are conducted individually and in group settings, including study groups, Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment, and cognitive and emotional work groups.

Enrichment activities include rehabilitative yoga, choir, chess, puppetry, movement, writing, and more.

The Centers

The centers operate five days a week (Sunday to Thursday) between 8:00-14:15.

Patients are assigned a team member to assist them throughout their rehabilitation process.

Our team includes professionals from various clinical fields, such as neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, social workers, instrumental enrichment instructors, corrective education teachers, rehabilitation instructors, workshop instructors (art, carpentry, cooking), and rehabilitative yoga teachers.