Center for Enriched Living

Providing continuing education and personal empowerment for adults with complex cognitive challenges.

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A protected environment to thrive.

The Center for Enriched Living provides a protected space for individuals with complex cognitive challenges to learn and grow. The program focuses on continuing education, personal empowerment, life skills, prospective employment, and ecological studies.

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Program Elements

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  • Complete basic education, including reading, writing, arithmetic, and consumerism.
  • Instrumental Enrichment focused on understanding emotions, improving vocabulary, social skills, ability to gather information, problem-solving, spatial orientation, and logical thought.
  • Intensive remediation of life skills, including interpersonal communication, hygiene, home economics, and developing independence.
  • General knowledge, including current affairs and science, to strengthen their connection with the
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  • Diverse and creative employment, guided by skilled mentors in fields such as gardening, recycling, and art, including industrial design with concrete objects. Activities are varied, promoting the use of thinking skills and creativity.
  • Weekly visits to the Nature Museum for semi-occupational activities. During transit, life skills are practiced by using public transit, spatial orientation, and road safety. They receive lessons from the museum staff and simulate work experience by assisting in the therapy garden, nursery, and animal corner.
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  • Once a week, they visit Jerusalem’s largest public park, Gan Sacher, for exercise and recreation.
  • Twice weekly drama workshops to deepen their interpersonal skills and enhance their self expression.
  • Various leisure activities designed to further enhance their personal growth and development.