The Feuerstein School

A warm and compassionate educational setting for children with developmental and intellectual disabilities of varying complexity.

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Believing in ability.

The Feuerstein School is a warm and caring educational environment for students aged 7-21 with medium to complex developmental and intellectual disabilities. The school, which is recognized and funded by the Ministry of Education, works to help each of the students transform from supported to supporters, based on the Feuerstein belief that they, too, have the ability and desire to contribute to their society, each in their way and according to their abilities.

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Nothing is Impossible

The Feuerstein School staff comprises professionals from all sectors of the population, who fully believe in the students’ abilities, and Feuerstein’s capacity to create meaningful change in their lives. They provide assistance and guidance in all aspects of life – educational mediation, behavioral instruction, communication, social relationships, functioning, and family life.

Maximizing Potential

Creating a community allows everyone to develop relationships based on mutual responsibility and help.

Applying the “transformative environment” approach affects functioning levels in various aspects of life.

Developing each child’s sense of capability, providing them with learning habits and basic skills, and improving faulty thinking patterns.

Teaching the students how to cope with problems and difficulties, and to become independent and adjust to a social framework.

Providing students with a structure helps them integrate into social and community activities.