Beyond Sounds Band

The Music of the Residential Center

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Beyond Sounds is the Feuerstein Institute’s in-house Residential Center band, uniting musicians both with and without disabilities. Comprising nine instrumentalists, a vocalist, and a dancer, the band skillfully blends vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussion, and a DJ artist, resulting in an original and contemporary sound. Performing at various venues such as organizations, educational institutions, and festivals, the band’s performances are celebrated nationwide. Their repertoire includes two distinct performances:

• An acoustic show featuring videos depicting the lives of band members, who share personal stories during the performance. The show concludes with a panel discussion involving the audience, addressing challenges faced by individuals with disabilities.

• A dynamic stage show, tailored for larger venues, showcasing innovative renditions of songs in a modern, trance style. These performances are often featured in festivals and serve as a warm-up act for well-known artists.

The band’s performances communicate a simple yet powerful message: every individual, regardless of disability, has the potential to achieve their dreams. Serving as a testament to the capabilities and contributions of people with disabilities, Beyond Sounds challenges stereotypes and serves as a source of strength and inspiration for all.


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