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Feuerstein in Law Enforcement

Promoting social integration by identifying promising cadets within law enforcement.

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The Feuerstein in Law Enforcement program helps Israelis from the socio-economic periphery pursue meaningful careers in law enforcement at all levels. Previously, these roles were inaccessible due to cultural bias favoring a Western education and style of learning style evident in entrance exams. Our program removes the barrier by replacing entrance exam scores with Feuerstein’s dynamic assessment and personal interviews.

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Participants then undergo Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment training to improve cognitive skills. Next, they are evaluated with a static assessment to measure changes. Based on their demonstrated learning ability, they are ranked and placed in tracks ranging from administrative to officer training.

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Feuerstein in Law Enforcement has made significant systemic changes in the Israeli workforce and society by increasing the number of officers from underrepresented communities and reducing recruit dropout. Additionally, it reduces societal gaps by providing participants with opportunities for social and professional integration.


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