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‘Texans Can Academies: Driving Academic Progress’

Charter High School District Achieves Academic Improvements Through Focused Instruction and Feedback Loop

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Texans Can Academies (TCA) is a charter high school district with 13 high school campuses across five Texas cities, including Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and San Antonio–TCA. As an alternative high-school it offers open enrollment throughout the academic year and an accelerated path to completing high school academic requirements.

Between 2010-2019 FIE was mediated throughout the district, yearly to about 5000 students, by about 200 trained FIE teachers. The training and coaching of the teachers were offered within the district by 12 qualified FIE trainers. FIE students were tested every school term on short standard psychometric tests, and their cognitive progress was used to inform improvements in the FIE training and classroom teaching. The district-performance on state standard academic tests showed general improvements from year to year.   


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