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‘Thinking Potential’

The Principals Accelerator Program

Empowering principals to help their schools fulfill their potential.

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Thinking Potential is an accelerator program designed for principals who are committed to helping their schools overcome barriers that hinder the success of their students and staff. The program accepts 15-20 principals each year, who meet every two weeks to learn about Feuerstein’s theory and the best practices from leading experts.


While the principals are learning how to create a systematic, structural change within their schools, they are simultaneously working to identify what they believe is the most critical issue holding their schools back from success. Problems may range from academic gaps to social or emotional issues. Using their newly acquired knowledge, the principals then work with Feuerstein’s staff to build a plan for implementing the Feuerstein Method into their schools to address the issues.

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After a year of studying and planning, the principals implement their new plan in their schools. They choose staff to be trained in FIE instruments and assign them roles in implementation, from supervisors to classroom and one-on-one mediators. They also create an environment that encourages learning across all aspects and adopting the Feuerstein language into their classrooms.


Shira Miller

Pedagogical Coordinator & English Teacher, Yuvalim School

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