Published in: Australian Journal of Learning Difficulties, 14(2), pp. 185-198, 2009.

Abstract: The present study explored the effects of a mediated intervention programme on a sample of Grade 5 learners, in a remedial school. The participants (n = 20) were systematically sampled and they constituted two groups; namely, Individual Mediation (n = 10) and Group Mediation (n = 10). It was hypothesised that participants exposed to this programme would yield a significant improvement in cognitive functioning as measured by the Raven’s Coloured Progressive Matrices. It was further proposed that participants within the Individual Mediation group would perform significantly better than those within Group Mediation. Set Variations B-8 to B-12 from Feuerstein’s Learning Potential Assessment Device served as a vehicle for mediating cognitive deficiencies. Results revealed a significant improvement in scores only within the Individual Mediation group. Despite the statistically significant improvement yielded within the Individual Mediation group, no statistically significant difference was found between the Individual Mediation and the Group Mediation sample. These findings are discussed in light of existing literature and future recommendations are suggested.