Abstract: This article reports the results of educational strategies and methods based on Feuerstein´s Instrumental Enrichment Programme (FIE) in some schools and consultation centres of the Czech Republic. Beginning with the year 2000, when the first workshop in FIE was realized, about 780 psychologists, teachers, special educators and parents were educated in Reuven Feuerstein’s methodology through the ATC (Accredited Training Centre). It is very difficult to say, how many children and adults really benefitted from FIE intervention. The alumni are mostly responsible for a group of children, a class, or at least for a family. Almost each of them becomes an opinion leader in education, so that the number of children who benefit from FIE is about ten times higher than the number of participants. It rises slowly, but continually. The presented contribution is a collection of case studies, using a qualitative research method. The first part of the article compares the present work of a teacher in a small school, who applies the concept of Prof. Feuerstein, with the previous way of teaching. The second deals with pupils´ self-evaluation in individual subjects (math, mother tongue etc.), the third discusses the application of FIE in teaching children with intellectual disability, the fourth is devoted to the use of tables and paradigms in teaching mother tongue and other languages in the seventh grade, the fifth on the application of FIE in teaching physics and the last part (6) on the lesson planning based on the FIE course. Altogether six teachers and 99 pupils were involved.