Research Abstracts

Mediation and thinking development in Schools

by Heidi Flavian

Teaching and Learning to Teachwith Recursive Mediated Learning Experiences

by Reuben L. Yarmus and James J. Vagliardo

The mediated learning experience (MLE) theory in meaningful language instruction

by Ahsen Mutlu and Mehmet Şahin

Cognitive enhancement and rehabilitation for the elder population: application of the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program for the Elderly.

by Reuven Feuerstein, Louis H. Falik, Rephael S. Feuerstein, Anat Cagan, Lea Yosef, Shmuel Rosen, Zvika Volk

Feuerstein’s Program for the Facilitation of Cognitive Development in Young Children.

by Meir Ben Hur and Refael S. Feuerstein

Helping minority students to succeed in a technological college: a ‘round trip’ from cognitive functions to curriculum and back.

by Roman Gouzman and Alex Kozulin

Cognitive modifiability of children with developmental disabilities: A multicenter study using Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment –Basic program.

by A. Kozulin, J. Lebeer, A. Madella-Noja, F. Gonzalez, I. Jeffrey, N. Rosenthal and M. Koslowsky

Cognitive modifiability of new immigrant adults.

by Alex Kozulin

Dynamic assessment of receptive language in children with Down syndrome.

by S. Alony and A. Kozulin

Integration of culturally different students in mainstream classes.

by Alex Kozulin

Mediated Learning Experience Intervention Increases Hope of Family Members Coping with a Relative with Severe Mental Illness.

by Dorit Redlich, Naomi Hadas-Lidor, Penina Weiss and Israel Amirav

Re-assessing the current assessment practice of children with special education needs in Europe.

by Jo Lebeer, Noemi Birta-Szekely, Karmen Demeter, Krisztina Bohacs, Adelina Araujo Candeias, Gunvor Sonnesyn, Petri Partanen and Lorna Dawson

Learning Potential in high IQ children: The contribution of dynamic assessment to the identification of gifted children.

by M. Dolores Calero, M. Garcia-Martin, M. Belen and Auxiliadora Robles

Estimation of Cognitive Plasticity in Old Adults Using Dynamic Assessment Techniques.

by Elena Navarro and Maria Dolores Calero

Application of IE-Basic Program to Promote Cognitive and Affective Development in Preschoolers: A Chilean Study.

by Natalia Salas, Cecilia Assael, David Huepe, Teresa Pérez, Fernando González, Alejandra Morales, Rita Arévalo, Chetty Espinoza and Grimaldina Araya

Exploring the impact of Feuerstein’s Instrumental Enrichment Programme on the cognitive development of prospective mathematics educators.

by M. Kloppers and M. M. Grosser

Effects of mediated intervention on cognitive functions: A pilot study with Grade 5 learners at a remedial school.

by Joseph Seabi and Zaytoon Amod

Clinical Applications of the Modifiability Model: Feuerstein’s Mediated Learning Experience and the Instrumental Enrichment Program.

by Krisztina Bohács. Ph.D. Thesis. 2014. Graduate School of Educational Sciences, University of Szeged, Hungary.

The Impact of Cognitive Education Training on Teachers’ Cognitive Performance

by Alex Kozulin

An Innovative model for the Dynamic Neurocognitive Rehabilitation for individuals with Acquired Brain Injury.

by Idit Dorfzaun-Harif, et al.

A cognitive approach applied to teaching.

by VĚRA POKORNÁ, et al.

Refining pedagogy with a humanistic psychology of cognitive mediation.

by Lorenzo Tebar Belmonte

Fidelity of Peer Mediation and its Role in Improving Students’ Oral English Communication Skills.

by Betegiorgis Mamo & Abiy Yigzaw Published: Science, Technology and Arts Research Journal, 4(1), 203-214, 2015

Restoring one’s language edifice: A case study of long-term effects of intensive aphasia therapy employing cognitive modifiability strategies.

by Anaki D , Goldenberg R , Devisheim H , Rosenfelder D , Falik L , Harif I . Journal: NeuroRehabilitation

Significance of the Feuerstein approach in neurocognitive rehabilitation.

by Lebeer, Jo. Journal: NeuroRehabilitation